Hire our 120 watt disco speaker and bring you'r party to life. Comes pre-loaded with hours of music. Choose between classic party song's or pop/dance music. Just £20 when added to any of our Packages.

      Party Song's include               Pop/Dance music include's song's by;


   - What does the fox say                                              - Ed Sheeran

    - Let it go                                                                       - Maroon 5   

    - Agadoo                                                                        - Ellie Goulding                                                                  - Superman                                                                   - One Direction

    - Hokey Cokey                                                               - Little Mix

    - I am the music man                                                   - Jess Glynne

     -The Hamster song                                                      - Meghan Trainor

    - Wig Wam Bam                                                             -Olly Murs

    - Big Fish Little Fish

    - Cha Cha Slide                                                              .....and many more

    - Fast Food/Kentucky Fried Chicken

    - The Ketchup Song

    - Macarena

    - Saturday Night


*The volume of the speaker will be set according to your preference (the volume cannot be altered once we have left the venue, it is however possible to pause/stop the music if required).*